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birthing from within birth art

Using the creative part of the brain can help people express emotions and access intuition that the logical part of the brain may not see.

In her book “Birthing from Within,” Pam England explores a number of ways to approach pregnancy and birth through self-discovery. I have recently started incorporating drawing in my pre-natal visits as a way to explore thoughts and feelings about birth. I have found that through art, mamas and their partners have really opened up and delved into thoughts that were hiding within them. This exercise has helped begin conversations about fears and expectations that might not have happened otherwise. Recently, a dad-to be was able to express his fear of his wife managing pain through his artwork. They were able to break down his feelings and bring them into perspective through this exercise.

If you would like to give some art expression a try, here are a few topics you can use to draw about. Don’t worry about making your drawings beautiful, accurate, or otherwise museum quality. Stick figures are just fine! The important thing is to draw from your instincts and heart, not from your logical, planning side of the brain. Talk about your drawing with your partner, or someone you choose to do this project with. Reflect on every detail, what it is and what it means. You might be surprised what comes out!

Sample topics:

  • Draw your perfect (sky is the limit!) birth setting. Include people, places, things
  • What birth means to you
  • Draw your birth journey
  • Draw yourself in birth, from your own perspective (mama or partner)
  • Birthing From Within is a not just a book, but an entity that promotes Pam England’s unique approach to childbirth through education and inspiration. Browse their website for more information (

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