Doula Services

How a Doula Fits Into Your Care Team

A common misconception of doula care is that it either replaces your care team (midwife, doctor, nurse, or partner), or that her presence can be at odds with your care team. A well-trained doula is committed to a code of ethics that defines her role as supportive and professional, not combative and territorial. Her communication…

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Doulas and Partners

Partners and Doulas

Doula support is not solely for the laboring mama. Partners often want to, or are expected to play a very active role in supporting the laboring woman. On the other hand, they don’t often have a solid understanding of how best to provide that support. Below are some of the top reasons why doula support…

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The Benefits of Having a Doula

Benefits of having a Doula

The benefits of doula support to the mother and child are well documented. Women who receive continuous labor support are more likely to give birth without medical intervention, such as caesarean delivery, pitocin and pain medications, and are more likely to have shorter labors. (4) A study recently published from the School of Public Health…

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The Role of a Birth Doula

Birth Doula Role

An experienced and trained doula understands that her doula role is limited to emotional and physical support only (1). Whereas medical care providers will have a trained eye on the safe and healthy labor and delivery for mother and infant, a doula is a constant presence, ‘mothering’ the mother through labor. This mothering can include…

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