Common Birth Interventions and Alternatives

common birth interventions and alternatives

Many interventions for low risk births are becoming more standard procedures or matters of convenience, rather than necessary interventions for safe births. In fact, these procedures are found to provide minimal benefit for women in low risk labor situations. Evidence supports many best practices that can be used as alternatives to the most common labor…

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My Go-To Meditation Mantra

pregnancy birth mantras and meditation

Through our daily lives, there are times when we allow our minds to take control, which can lead us down many scattered and un-productive paths. During pregnancy and in labor, it is important that we try to maintain control of our thoughts so that fears and doubts aren’t allowed to overpower us. Whether it be…

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Birth Art

birthing from within birth art

Using the creative part of the brain can help people express emotions and access intuition that the logical part of the brain may not see. In her book “Birthing from Within,” Pam England explores a number of ways to approach pregnancy and birth through self-discovery. I have recently started incorporating drawing in my pre-natal visits…

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