Doulas and Partners

Partners and Doulas

Doula support is not solely for the laboring mama. Partners often want to, or are expected to play a very active role in supporting the laboring woman. On the other hand, they don’t often have a solid understanding of how best to provide that support. Below are some of the top reasons why doula support is also beneficial for you, the partner.

  • 1 “I don't know what to do!” The doula can show you concrete ways to be supportive of your partner. She can suggest areas to massage, help you support your partner in different positions and model encouraging words.

  • 2 “I feel less pressure to be the ultimate in support.” With a doula’s extra hands, you can focus on specific areas that need massage or simply give the emotional support that you are best prepared and able to give.
  • 3 “I am unsure of how we should proceed.” When the unexpected happens, a knowledgeable doula can discuss alternatives to consider and their benefits and potential drawbacks. This really helps you and the laboring mama to remain calm and clear-headed during an emotional and chaotic time and provides you the tools you need to make informed decisions.
  • 4 “I need a break, but don’t want to leave her alone!” With a doula present you are able to leave the room for a breather without feeling you are deserting your partner. It might be to get a soda, use the bathroom, or just decompress with a brief stroll. The point is, your partner is not abandoned with no one to help her and you can do little things that you need to stay strong and effective.

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