My Go-To Meditation Mantra

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Through our daily lives, there are times when we allow our minds to take control, which can lead us down many scattered and un-productive paths. During pregnancy and in labor, it is important that we try to maintain control of our thoughts so that fears and doubts aren’t allowed to overpower us. Whether it be a word, a phrase, or a serious of phrases, the power of a mantra should not be over-estimated or overlooked.

The following is the mantra I lean on most often…

May I be filled with loving kindness
May I be peaceful and at ease
May I be well and healthy
May I be safe from inner and outer harm
May I be free
May I be happy

I use this mantra personally, when my mind needs calming. I find that the key to the power of this mantra lies in its individual words. When repeating this meditation, I focus on each word, what it means and its significance for whatever state of mind I am in. For example, when thinking of “filled” in the first line, I take a deep, belly breath, letting the meditation fill me. I picture myself as a vessel of the positive thoughts that follow. When I say “free”, I allow my notions of freedom to spread over me, depending on what freedom means to me in that moment. I have found that at different times in my life, different phrases really resonate with me. When I notice that one line seems to be stronger within me, I reflect on that concept and why my attention is being drawn to it. It can help me to clarify my concerns and personal goals. At one time in my life, the concept of “free” seemed like a shout. Reflecting on this helped me to take the leap towards following my dream of becoming a birth professional. I needed to allow myself the freedom to make some major life changes and take a leap of faith.

I encourage you to try using mantras or affirmations as you navigate your pregnancy and prepare for birth. No need to get all “zen” about it. It’s great any time or place – no yoga pants required! I have a Pinterest Board on birth affirmations, if you are looking for some inspiration. I would love to hear what your favorite meditations or affirmations are. Feel free to share in the comments‚Ķ

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